DSC Gallery

Jana Vojnárová

26/07/2017 - 10/08/2017

The human figure has been a prominent motif in the art of Jana Vojnárová. Her expressive painting style and the consistent sense of a kind of blurriness and its distancing effect furnishes her paintings with a flat pictorial surface, behind which, like the view through a rainy window, lies an elaborate visual space.

The photographs are certainly a frequent source of inspiration. Equally apparent is the artist’s ability to recast their ephemeral quality into a more firmly constructed figurative and compositional situation. This interest in working with the lexicon of figurative gestures and scenarios is illustrated well in the artist’s collage work (source: Artlist.cz, 2017)

“In my work I get inspired by my own family stories, especially about the events that my family suffered during World War II. I am not primarily interested in the historical details, the integrity of the story, but more importantly I continue to work with the narrative, I add new elements, different characters, I am interested in working with the transformation of stories, the creation of other relationships, the addition of stories, different meanings, drawn from a very different time or story line” Jana Vojnárová comments on her work.