DSC Gallery


25/09/2018 - 24/10/2018
WWW is a unique formation on the Czech music scene. They do not fill any genre, but they follow their own artistic path. Founding member of WWW Ondřej Anděra, with his sophisticated sense of experiment, extends the musical horizons of how contemporary non-in-line music production can look like. Lubomir Typlt, the author of the texts, represents an imaginary world that seemingly difficult to access, acts like a mountain climb, where we have a better view of the landscape, where we recognize the situations and storylines that act magically and mysteriously.
The new CD, called You wont drown twice in the same river, comes out as WWW’s fourth album after 5 years.
The idea of an exhibition accompanying the CD has developed during the creation of the album, due to the fact that the CD is accompanied by a booklet with the artistic accompaniment of five artists – Krystof Kintera, Ivan Pinkava, Adam Štech, Miroslav Polach and Lubomir Typlt.