DSC Gallery

Vladimír Skrepl | Amor and Psycho

02/06/2016 - 12/07/2016

Amor and Psyho, the exhibition of an artist and professor Vladimír Skrepl, combined two counterparts of the western aesthetic – the harmony and moderation with the disbalance and extremism. Amor like the ancient legend of forbidden love, Psycho according to the cult American horror by Alfred Hitchcock.

Exhibited were Skrepl’s paintings from the past five years of his artwork, together with two hanging objects – the stylized chandelier and the levitating “pagan voodoo”. The whole exhibition gave the author’s comment and record about the history of modern art and also his notes about the the variability of forms of paintings and his own creation. Skrepl used techniques based on the density of informal traps, gestures of the abstract expression, Pop-Art- tuned flatness or provocative energy of sprays.