DSC Gallery

Tomek Niewiadomski | Blue

15/05/2015 - 25/05/2015

The exhibition of a Polish author Tomek Niewiadomski presented the project Blue which is somehow an overview of his existing photographic work. The main motive of Blue was a dialogue between human and water. Pieces were made by the platinum or palladium print-making technique which is durable and resistant and thus very popular among collectors.

Most of the photographs showed spots where water touches land, waves clash the beach, shore meets the rocks. People are of small size in comparison to the waves, they stare into the water or dive into the blue depths. Elements of loneliness, the beginning and the ending appears. Sometimes water is tainted and “locked” in an aquarium. However, blue never stops.

The Niewiadomski’s works raise issues about the attitude of human towards nature. Viewer, while looking on them, feels the longing for freedom and endless spaces.