DSC Gallery

Milan Houser | Pictura Naturans

08/12/2016 - 24/01/2017

The exhibition of Milan Houser, named Pictura Naturans, combined the creative potencial of natura and picture in its sensory and material given – “pictura naturans” therefore referred to the processability of the creation, the mobility of changes and the discovery of the possibilities of painting.

His pictures were formed by layering specially mixed lacquers, when each single layer dissolves the one under and thanks to its several years old time of drying it gives the impression of sedimentation. Drainage and gravity of colors was a result of the gravitation movement which thanks to the human intervention solidify into the form of a picture. Final works were then installed on constructions, skeletons, taut as impregnated skins. That emphasised its mobility and impartiality of the gallery space.

The second type of exhibited objects were bronze castings of germinated potatoes that reminded creatures from sci-fi movies. Their installation into showcases from the Studio Olgoj Chorchoj again emphasized the intersecting aspects of mechanism and mass – placement of something very natural and elemental into the museum context.