DSC Gallery

Lubomír Typlt | 370° of a circle

17/08/2017 - 19/09/2017

The exhibition of Lubomír Typlt, 370° of a circle, presented autor’s typical figural paintings and at the same time objects which he returned to make after ten years. The main motive of the exhibition, named after one of his texts for a hip hop group WWW, was the installation of bicycles with umbrellas. Author was inspired by paintings of girls from the 19th century on which the wind was blowing away umbrellas from their hands. The object itself became a model for other paintings.

As author describes, the object has to stand alone as an installation, only after that he can play with its rendering, fitting into the environment and colour combination. Typlt’s works are characteristic with the relation between colours, when he uses mostly rich and contrasting colours that have a strong emotional impression on the viewer. No different it was right in this exhibition which above that showed author’s artistic change in his painting and described all sides of his long-term work.