DSC Gallery

Jakub Špaňhel | Pod Skalou

08/12/2017 - 25/01/2018

Jakub Špaňhel is a collector! He collects antique chandeliers, vases, folk statuettes or baroque secretaries. But he is not a collector who would purposefully build, hurl and appreciate a particular collection. It is not about creating some logical lines and general contexts between individual subjects. Nor does he create a private inventory of aesthetic forms of the past. On the contrary, Špaňhel instinctively collects objects that appeal to him with beauty or skill, and can be immediately enjoyed whenever the artist looks at them.

In the artistic contrast of the natural world of flowers, moles, butterflies, hens or donkeys and human creations such as buildings, chandeliers, chairs or gas pumps, a more general unity is agreed. Špaňhel’s paintings of nature are not lyrical, but realistic. Just so they can get to the liberating abstract gesture. Lyrics detests abstraction! On the other hand, realism anticipates abstraction and creates a space for it, as the painters of early Renaissance and long before them masters of cave temples at the dawn of our history.

Špaňhel’s work is by no means conservati
ve in the sense that it would “go back to the roots” in some way or follow up on past cultural and artistic trends. He will not distort himself as another in a number of works of self-made artists and bohemians. Instead, there is a radical gesture towards the past in Špaňhel’s paintings by famous painters, writers or composers, which is no longer postponed to the pit of history, but it can be more visually transformed and narrated as a new history and tradition of the present-

– Jiří Přibáň (curator of the exhibition)