DSC Gallery

ICONS: Zaha Hadid, Naoto Fukasawa, Greg Lynn

23/06/2017 - 10/08/2017

Exposed objects within the ICONS exhibition came from the Vitra Edition collection from 2007. The installation of the three design pieces created top Czech architects and designers. The dominant of the exhibition became an organically shaped table Mesa from the architect Zaha Hadid, that was presented in Prague for the very first time. Studio Deyl Šesták Architects places the table into a liquid bath which on the one hand copied the “fluidity” of the table and on the other hand made an interesting reflection on the water surface.

In the second room, the Acrylic Chair from designer Naoto Fukusava was placed. Its installation from the studio Olgol Chorchoj came out from the traditional Japanese manufacture and industry and it “sat” the chair into the iconic car of the Japan brand Datsun. The third exhibited object, the armchair Dutchess from Greg Lynn, is based with its shape on the ergonomics of the human body. The installation from Rudolf Netík worked with lines, contract and proportions, at the same time it reminded the B – sci-fi movies that inspire Lynn in his work.

The exhibition ICONS developed in a cooperation with the Vitra Design Museum whose director Marc Zehntner had  a lecture on the Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague within the opening of the exhibition.