DSC Gallery

Glassplus à la Borges aka Zrcadlo a maskáč

11/12/2015 - 02/02/2016

The collective exhibition Glassplus à la Borges aka Zrcadlo a maskáč was historically the third exhibition in both floors of the gallery. Visitors could see the show of glass – so typical material for the Czech Republic. Introduced were artists, who traditionally work with the glass, but also the one, for whom it was even a premiere. Like that it became a set of fifty-sex objects which reflected the clash of generations and different types of view on the glass as such.

The exhibition paid tribute to the Jorg Louis Borges and his fantastic world and at the same time responded to the global renaissance of the glass which thus becomes an interesting collecting artifact. The aim of the whole exhibition was not to tear out the works from their context but on the contrary to create an exposition of a sort of mase full of doubles that come from the concept of mirroring. The glass was presented in all his form – as a tangible and intangible material, as a material of light, transformations and overlaps.