DSC Gallery

Exhibition Auction #sellmyfavouriteart

27/04/2020 - 03/05/2020

DSC Gallery creates a unique event #sellmyfavouriteart, in form of a silent auction. The project developed from an idea by artist Milan Houser. We let the artists we represent and work with to choose one work from their studio, to which they have a specific relationship and most valuable to them. Often these works were not even available in the past. This brings together a unique curatorial selection of works by the artists themselves, and to which each artist tells their story to the works. Exclusively therefore, these works can be acquired into private collections.

The works will be exhibited at DSC Gallery during the week from April 27 – May 3, 2020 as part of a pre-auction exhibition. And because we value the health of each of us, tours will only be possible individually, organized in advance by telephone. The whole concept will culminate in the form of a silent internet auction and part of the proceeds will continue to flow to those who are deploying their lives in the first lines to help everyone affected by the current virus infection. We decided to donate half of the gallery commission to the Motol University Hospital and the rest to support our dear artists as well as the operation of the closed gallery.

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Milan Houser
Untitled, 2015-2019, pigments, lacquer, color, carnelian, 110 x 160 cm

“I started making the painting 5 years ago, and it went through such a long-lasting transformation, because I didn’t feel it was ever finished. Six spilled circles underneath the canvas: I started with a layer of yellow pigment, then blue with turquoise, red and finished with pearl blue. In one of the last layers I added ground carnelian, which I brought from my travels in Yemen, where I had been with my friend Zdeněk Mark. They say it’s a stone that drives away fear. ”

Starting price: 250 000,- CZK (+DPH)

Jan Hísek
Ophelia, 2000, oil on canvas, 170 x 185 cm

“I created the painting Ophelia between August and November 2000. At that time, my mother was unwell and remained bedridden for the next four years. I had my first studio for three years in a farm in Malá Chuchle near the Vltava River, where I often went to meditate, feeling emotionally alone as an Ophelia, drowning below the surface and having to inhale and perceive the world with new strength. There is a great wildness and expression enchanted by the universe of small fish and butterflies circling the autumn shores within the painting. Blue protector heads secure the entire interior of the water events. I could not give up the painting for a long time, coming out of it for other works, although I hardly returned to such deep expression.”

Starting price: 500 000,- CZK (+DPH)

Krištof Kintera
Typha Latifolia Aluminia, 2016-9, assemblage on board, 103 x 73 cm
Telefonica Lapidaria, 2016-9, assemblage on board, 103 x 73 cm

“The selected drawings come from a series of herbarium leaves that accompanied the emergence of individual new postnatural herbs within the Postnaturalia collection. They were created to record new herbs. Each herb is different, but they are all equal, just like humans. It is all based on a comparative study between the similarities between the behavior of natural systems of civilization and technology. Paradoxically, the root system is very strikingly similar to our intricate computer networks. ”

Starting price: 180 000,- CZK (+DPH)

Lubomír Typlt
Phosphorescent Radiation, 2016, oil on canvas, 180 x 240 cm

“Phosphorescent radiation is the last available painting from the Conciliation series, which was created from 2013 until 2016, in which this painting was created. The painting is oil on canvas. There is a typical system of dividing the image into color bands, that I often use. A group of boys look at an unknown object, and we only watch their psychological reactions. ”

Starting price: 250 000,- CZK (+DPH)

Jakub Matuška aka Masker
Oliva and the Ocean, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 200 x 120 cm

 “The painting was created in 2019 based on a small drawing from a stay in the Canary Islands. I made that drawing by heart as a fresh reminder of the moment I took our daughter to the ocean and she saw fish for the first time. I wanted to create a painting on the basis of this drawing, but during its preparation I found out that everything in the drawing is actually what I wanted and therefore it is not worth improving its shape. The painting itself is the first of a series of 10x magnified initial sketches made in color. This is the topic I have been dealing with for the last year. The technology that I have been dealing with since I started with painting. My relationship to this painting and the moment is very dear to me, actually so great that I did the artwork twice so that I would never have to give it away and leave one for little Oliva. God knows when we will see the ocean again.”

Starting price: 240 000,- CZK (+DPH)

Veronika Holcová
Laura, 2006, acrylic on canvas, 80 x 55 cm (Diptych)

“At first glance, the two paintings are almost identical. Laura, is a young woman sitting on the shore, the water flows through a long endless channel. The slight deviations in the silhouette indicate a different state of mind, meanwhile … time passes. ”

Starting price: 9 500 EUR (+DPH)

Josef Bolf
Dog Head, 2015, acrylic, glue and ink on paper, 70,5 x 100,5 cm

 “The drawing was made as part of a larger series, it was first exhibited at the Czech Center in Paris at an exhibition in 2016. I like it because it combines materials, the base is made of crumpled papers, I ironed and manipulated the surface by watering and washing it. Then came the drawing, an animal mask on a human face to protect us, to hide behind. The kind we all wear now, almost literally.”

Starting price: 80 000,- CZK (+DPH)

Jiří Černický
Minimax, 2010, synthetics on canvas, plastic and metal, 120 x 80 cm

“Minimax” is an artwork that combines two opposing radical principles: 1. minimalism and 2. maximalism. From the front, the painting appears to be empty, but when we pass it, a multicolored stack of objects appears on its edge suggesting that the emptiness of the picture was an illusion. What is also important is the dynamics with which minimalism is not usually associated. The maximalism of “Minimax” is the fuel of minimalism, giving it a strange dynamism that makes it possible for the viewer to feel that the image is flying on the wall. The surface of the work is a reverberation of internal dynamic processes. Perhaps even during this time we feel a great deal of distortion and illusion… ”

Starting price: 180 000,- CZK (+DPH)

Jiří David
Václav Havel from the series The Hidden Images, 1991, photograph on paper, 39,3 x 29,5 cm

“Concerning the creation of the project The Hidden Images, I was interested in the subtle transformation of the identity of the personality, but with its unexpected inner difference. When shape becomes a space for change without causing grotesque distortion. When the idea of own authenticity is broken. The inner mirror was broken. ”

Starting price: 90 000,- CZK (+DPH)

Jiří Georg Dokoupil
Spirals, 2020, acrylic and oil on canvas, 160 x 130 cm

“I build on the tire paintings here, which is one of a series of paintings I did from the 1990s. Once again inspired by the imprinting of street tires and further development of my tire ‘know-how’ – in a different context, I try to free this ornament from the street and put it in neutral space. By turning, I try to move into the third dimension, so the tire starts to spin. This creates a semi-absurd affair. How to put an imprint into space? ”

Starting price: 58 000,- EUR (+DPH)

Pasta Oner
Black Hole 181, 2017, etched polystyrene, hardened lacquer, 50 x 50 cm
Nocolor Hole 181, 2017, etched polystyrene, hardened lacquer, 50 x 50 cm
Black Drip 182, 2017, etched polystyrene, hardened lacquer, 50 x 100 cm

“The works were created as part of my etched series, in which I have been trying to preserve the magic of destruction and work with “high” and “low” for several years. It is a return to childhood, when polystyrene has become a material for us, the remnants of which lay everywhere in the bushes, in the streams, or on building sites as we discovered. The material burned well and was easy to machine and especially etch. A thinner or the popular flammable glue, Kanagon, was enough. I am trying to transform this reminiscence into a contemporary view of art. The canvas is the polystyrene and paint the thinner. By etching two effects can be achieved. Capturing naive artwork and an entirely abstract landscape of valleys, abysses and trails that bite irrevocably into the material.”

Starting price 50 x 50 cm (1): 70 000,- CZK (+DPH)
Starting price 50 x 100 cm: 90 000,- CZK (+DPH)

Richard Štipl
Bloc Sabbath, 2005, object, mixed media, 19 x 50 x 16 cm

“This work by Richard Štipl is part of the DSC Gallery collection. Moreover, Bloc Sabbath has an interesting history. Just the fact that the National Gallery in Prague tried to acquire this work into its collection. For some, Richard’s decadent self-portrait may be too perverse. But where else can a human-artist go more with the “all in” on the market? Precisely when he shows his naked body in various unrevealed positions. ”

Starting price: 380 000,- CZK (+DPH)