"The Room" by Vitra

DSC Gallery and VITRA have come together to form an innovative art space designed for the presentation of projects, artworks and concepts of new generation artists. The space or in this case „The Room“ within a gallery is an art hot spot for collectors, friends and art lovers.

The Room enables to present and introduce not only new and upcoming artists, however, also more established, namely presenting latest works, fresh out of the studio. Thus also allowing for artist talks and presenting work to a selected audience in a pleasant gallery setting.

„The Room“ has been designed thanks to and in cooperation wtih VITRA.

Exhibited artists:

24.5. – 5.6. Jakub Janovský

6.6. - 25.6. Jiří Černický

13.7. – 30.7. Jakub Matuška aka Masker

10.8. – 27.8. Adam Štech

30.8. – 18.9. Alexander Iskin (Germany)

4.10. – 22.10. Erik Šille (Slovakia)

24.10. – 13.11. Jan Gemrot